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There is that special something I have tried to capture – the eerie moment when you leave one place, one reality, and enter into another one. I am working currently with my travel memoir trilogy. The book “Around the Heart in Eleven Years, part 1” is out in English as well, it takes you from Israel to Canaries to Belarus to Russia and beyond.

The second book, “Around the Heart in Eleven Years, part 2” provides a backstage look at the manipulations of the “Robinson/Survivor” reality TV show as it took place on a so-called deserted island in the middle of the South China Sea.

The third book of the trilogy, yet to be published, is set mostly in India, at an ashram where miracles happen.

Sometimes it is hard to say what travel is and what life is. Is there any difference? I lived in India. And then I lived in the USA, and wrote several books about my everyday life in America. They turned to be bestsellers in Estonia. I have not published these books in English yet. There is no good reason why. Have I been too critical in times, am I afraid of readers’ reactions? Maybe.

I am an environmentalist, if I have to “label” myself in my life journey. And this is what these books are about: “My America 1”, “My America 2” and “My America 3” all speak about how a “tree hugger” fits into a suburbian consumerist´ society. I also have written one book about my life journey called “Growing Green”. And – my journey continues!

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